Episode 14a: Batwoman and Live watching the StarWars trailer

In this episode, Paige is back from ICU adventures with her fiance and BOY there are thoughts about Batwoman. Spoilers: It’s not good. I’m afraid I turned into that person at the bar that has a Jim Lee Wolverine shirt on and you ask them about the Origins movie. Every episode is “Dear Bruce Wayne,…

Episode 13: NYCC New York Comic-Con

I could spend hours looking at costumes. Did you see the person dressed up as multiple Depp characters? Anyway this episode is all about SDCC. What was announced and what happened? Oh and the Joker movie came out. How was it?

Episode 12: NYCC -the pre show

Over an hour of talk about Spider-man , the amazing “black by way of white writers ” badness of Black Lightning, more DC and Marvel TV talk. We get hyped for NYCC. Keith has thoughts about the documentary Active Measures and things get political.

Episode 10: The Joker (The trailer and media/violence)

The Gang discusses the Joker Trailer. Is the movie intentionally kicking up Hte Dramaz!!!!1! !!! or is it going to be a good elseworlds style story that help The Average Non Geek see that Comics can be drama. (Don’t feel bad ” Road to Perdition” , I showed people the comic and they still didn’t…

Episode 8: D23 2019

The gang discusses D23. You guys. Rewind a few years… Did you every think we’d be excited about the Haus of Maus? Muppets Now! Ms.Marvel, moon knight, the Black Knight is the King of the North! She-hulk is getting a show. Jessica was 4th wall breaking while Deadpool was happy and playing ski-ball. Also, Paige…

Episode 7: Marvel and Sony breakup?

Noooooo… I mean I personally don’t think this is going to last but I’ve been wrong before. The gang reacts to the news of Sony and Marvel breaking up.

Episode 5: BINGE

What are you watching? The team discussed what we’ve been devouring lately and not everything is recent. Sometimes you stumble upon a show that’s already aired and Paige can NEVER pass up a chance to recommend Avatar: TLAB / TLoK Also …. spoilers for stranger things season 1-3! Also we’re going to have to have…