Episode 10: The Joker (The trailer and media/violence)

The Gang discusses the Joker Trailer. Is the movie intentionally kicking up Hte Dramaz!!!!1! !!! or is it going to be a good elseworlds style story that help The Average Non Geek see that Comics can be drama. (Don’t feel bad ” Road to Perdition” , I showed people the comic and they still didn’t…

Episode 8: D23 2019

The gang discusses D23. You guys. Rewind a few years… Did you every think we’d be excited about the Haus of Maus? Muppets Now! Ms.Marvel, moon knight, the Black Knight is the King of the North! She-hulk is getting a show. Jessica was 4th wall breaking while Deadpool was happy and playing ski-ball. Also, Paige…

Episode 7: Marvel and Sony breakup?

Noooooo… I mean I personally don’t think this is going to last but I’ve been wrong before. The gang reacts to the news of Sony and Marvel breaking up.

Episode 5: BINGE

What are you watching? The team discussed what we’ve been devouring lately and not everything is recent. Sometimes you stumble upon a show that’s already aired and Paige can NEVER pass up a chance to recommend Avatar: TLAB / TLoK Also …. spoilers for stranger things season 1-3! Also we’re going to have to have…

Episode 4:sdcc 2019

Disney/Marvel dropped some excitement in thier return to Hall H. We react and try to stay calm (honesty it’s mostly about Thor with spoilers for the comic run ).

Episode 3: Batman 89

The boys talk about Batman 89; the hype and following success of the Bat’s blockbuster, the movie that kicked off the 30 year rise of the superhero flicks.

Episode 2-TV

Happy Anniversary! Can we just talk about Stranger Things? Batwoman (CW gonna CW. It’ll do JUST FINE. No it’s not going to be the work of art that Batwoman:Elegy was but that’s okay. ), Picard and Look I know it isn’t comics but we HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT. Dark Crystal: AKA the movie that…