Episode 39: Cruise in Space

Besides Tom Cruise IN SPACE the guys talk about Extraction the new Hemsworth film and compare him to Keanu . Whoa.

Episode 38: Star Wars Binge!

So Chris has never watched the clone wars. What better way to start than when it’s about to end. And this epic season ending. Well… let’s talk about it! Also there’s Documentaries and all sort of Star Wars things to discuss.

Bonus Episode!

It’s a bonus episode! Recorded before the last episode starts. The gang gets talking about Adventure Movies.

Episode 36: The Last Dance

We discuss The Last Dance, documentary about Michael Jordan and the final championship season of the Chicago Bulls

Episode 35: Bloodshot and Family Time

That’s right Vinter Soldier, We’re all at home with our families. James fills us in on when his family watched the live action Aladdin. The gang discusses Bloodshot. The Valiant Universe’s first movie. Vin’s all about Family so it ties everything together.

Episode 32: Red Son

A spoiler review of Superman Red Son animated movie! Do you Get it… Red Sun and also Lex is voiced by Batman and .. there’s a lot to discuss.