Episode 19: Flash and Arrow: Thanksgiving Venom Juice

This week Barry makes questionable choices to amp up for the crisis and Arrow pulls a groundhog day with gravitas. It’s feels like the Flash writers left for working on Crisis and brought in the writers from DCFU (Detective Comics Film Universe). What do you think? @ us on twitter or Facebook.

The weekly CW crisis recap!

This week: A short recap of what’s been happening over in the Arrow-verse. Watching what’s going on on the CW is going to be a weekly event as we build up to the first large crossover of the new decade.

Episode 14a: Batwoman and Live watching the StarWars trailer

In this episode, Paige is back from ICU adventures with her fiance and BOY there are thoughts about Batwoman. Spoilers: It’s not good. I’m afraid I turned into that person at the bar that has a Jim Lee Wolverine shirt on and you ask them about the Origins movie. Every episode is “Dear Bruce Wayne,…

Episode 13: NYCC New York Comic-Con

I could spend hours looking at costumes. Did you see the person dressed up as multiple Depp characters? Anyway this episode is all about SDCC. What was announced and what happened? Oh and the Joker movie came out. How was it?