Episode 30: Culture Club

Valentine’s Day, pop culture variety cast, we talk Oscars, Super Bowl and commercials, politics Iowa and NH results, and some tv recommendations

Joker and Black Panther – The Tragedy of Class Warfare

How Joker and Black Panther are linked thematically By Chris There is an obvious canyon that separates these two films. Black Panther’s discussion of race and Joker’s use of mental illness keep the two far apart. Neither approach the other’s front and center theme. Yet, after my recent watch of Joker, I recognized there is…

Episode 29: The Captains

The guys discuss the death of legends and the launch of PICARD. Warning: Keith’s has some static on his line.

Episode 27: Decade End RoundUp

It’s our decade favorites for movies and TV. We play a game about which movie universes were more successful. And we talk what we look forward to in the next decade.

Episode 24: pre Crisis

Worlds collide, Who will win, Monitor? Anti-Monitor? Hall Monitor? Crisis heats up as heroes search for help