Episode 80: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

This week, we discuss the revised “Black Widow” release and check out the new trailer for “The Suicide Squad”. It’s time again for “Ask the Nerds”! We review our Stupid Movie of the Month, “Teeth”. Finally, we discuss “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” on Disney Plus.

Episode 78: Raya and The Last Dragon Review

This week we talk Grammy winners and Oscar nominations. We review “Coming 2 America” on Amazon Video. We do a spoiler filled review of “Raya and The Last Dragon” on Disney Plus.

Episode 77: WandaVision Season Review

This week we talk the NBA All-Star game. We dive into the Meghan Markle interview and the new Superman and Lois show on the CW. Finally, we do a spoiler filled season review of WandaVision.

Episode 76: The Dream Cast – Fantastic Four

This week we talk about Golden Globe winners. We discuss the latest entertainment news including Spider-Man 3 and a new Superman in the works. Our new segment, asks “Who would you cast?” in the MCU “Fantastic Four”. Finally, we give our current watch recommendations.

Episode 75: Fast and Fierce Review

This week we talk Snyder cut news. We take a look at the trailer for “Invincible”, the new animated series coming to Amazon. James shares another “Gym time with Jim” story. We give a “WandaVision” update. Finally, it’s time for our Stupid Movie of the Month, “Fast and Fierce”, starring DMX.

Episode 74: The Equalizer Review

This week, we discuss Valentine’s Day (pandemic edition). We talk about some new movie trailers. It’s also time for another edition of “Brookesie’s Bites” and we do a spoiler filled review of episodes 1 and 2 of “The Equalizer” on CBS.

Episode 73: Cobra Kai – Season 3

This week we discuss the Superbowl, including the game, commercials and halftime show. We talk Golden Globe nominees. It’s time for “Ask the Nerds”, with Brookesie and we do a review of “Cobra Kai”, Season 3.

Episode 72: Pixar’s Soul Review

This week, we talk about Gamestop stocks with our special guest, Jia. We discuss what’s happening on “WandaVision”. We also discuss the new SyFy channel show “Resident Alien” and do a spoiler filled review of Disney Pixar’s “Soul”.