Episode 70: WandaVision Review

In our latest episode, we talk about the Presidential Inauguration. James tells us some weird gym stories. It’s also time for another “Brookesie’s Bites” and our new segment, “Ask the Nerds!”. Finally, we close out with a spoiler filled review of “WandaVision”, episodes 1 and 2.

Episode 69: Impeachment II – The Wrath of Con

In this episode, the US hits the fan as Trump incites violence on the US Capitol. We also talk about the big wins for the Dems in the Georgia Senate races. Finally, we talk NFL playoffs and NBA fantasy league updates.

Episode 66: The Year in Review – Part 1

It’s time for our 2020 year in review. In this episode we talk about the pandemic, the state of the entertainment industry, the 2020 election and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Episode 65: TeneT

This week, we talk entertainment news including Spider-Man 3 rumors and HBO Max’s decision to release 2021 movies to theaters and home simultaneously. We also do a spoiler filled review of Tenet by Chris Nolan.

Episode 64: Sportz Show

We talk Mike Tyson’s return to the ring as well as Jake Paul’s knockout of Nate Robinson. We ask, “What’s your favorite death game from a movie you’d want to join?” We also discuss “The Mandalorian: Chapter 13 – The Jedi” with the return of Ahsoka Tano. It’s also time for our Stupid Movie of…

Episode 63: Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving! That means it’s time for our turkey special. We talk our favorite Thanksgiving movies, do a another edition of Brookesie’s Bites, a non spoiler review of “Gangs of London” and ask, “What’s on your Thanksgiving dinner menu?”.

Episode 62: Greenland Review

In this episode, we discuss “The Mandalorian” Chapter 12 with the return of Bo-Katan, launch our new segment, “Brookesie’s Bites, where she discusses her watchlist and recommendations and do a non spoiler review of “Greenland”, starring Gerard Butler.

Episode 61: The New Mutants Review

In this episode we discuss the 2020 Presidential Election results, talk about “The Mandalorian” Season 2, and do a spoiler filled review of “The New Mutants”.